Here are some ideas for our shoot on 8/20. Let me know what you like.


This is a beauty look. It could have any background - it's really beautiful light for head and shoulders photos. This is a good look to start with so you can warm up.

This is a fashion white look. It can have shadows or not. It's typically standing poses. Just about any wardrobe will work.



You've done this look before - we could repeat it either using this gown again or other wardrobe you might have.


This is a variation to the ruby gown - this is more dramatic. The gown in this photo doesn't have a good fit so we'd need another piece of wardrobe.




This is dramatic seated - darker shadows.



This is dark/dramatic floor posing with wood blocks:

This is old Hollywood - hard light, black and white. You'd need wardrobe that suggests 1940's.


This is a copper/brass tile backdrop - wardrobe would be up to you.


This is an "eggnog" colored background. I could also do a solid "cocoa" brown. Both are nice - modern and clean.


This is fog with colored lights. Lots of fun.